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Main Entry: gung ho Pronunciation: 'g&[ng]-'hOFunction: adjective Etymology: Gung ho!, motto (interpreted as meaning "work together") adopted by certain U.S. marines, from Chinese (Beijing) gOnghé, short for ZhOngguó GOngyè Hézuò Shè Chinese Industrial Cooperative Society: extremely or overly zealous or enthusiastic

Gung Ho!
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Gung Ho!
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Gung Ho!
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fla. Dems attack election day notices-AP

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Florida Democrats asked a state court Friday to block Election Day notices at polling places that would inform voters in Rep. Mark Foley's district that his GOP replacement on the ballot will receive his votes.


Foley's name is still on the ballot, though, and election supervisors want voters to know that votes for Foley will be given to state Rep. Joe Negron instead.

Democrats say that would be electioneering, which is illegal under state law.

Semper Fi

Three soldiers die in bloody month for U.S. in Iraq-Reuters

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Three U.S. soldiers were killed south of Baghdad on Saturday when their vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb, the U.S. military said in a statement on Sunday.

More than 40 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq this month. At the current pace, October would be the deadliest for U.S. forces since January 2005. Two to three soldiers on average die every day in Iraq, most the victims of roadside bombs.

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