Gung Ho!

Main Entry: gung ho Pronunciation: 'g&[ng]-'hOFunction: adjective Etymology: Gung ho!, motto (interpreted as meaning "work together") adopted by certain U.S. marines, from Chinese (Beijing) gOnghé, short for ZhOngguó GOngyè Hézuò Shè Chinese Industrial Cooperative Society: extremely or overly zealous or enthusiastic

Gung Ho!
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Gung Ho!
And The Cost of War!

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Gung Ho!
And The Cost of War In Lives!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005 Soldier Survives Two Bomb Attacks

The combat deaths of the past two weeks in Iraq have the family of one Georgia soldier who survived more grateful than ever for community support.

Army Spc. Rodney Davidson of Thomaston, Ga., 39, is the only survivor of an attack that killed the rest of his squad from the Georgia Army National Guard’s 48th Brigade two weeks ago.

A week later, he survived an identical attack.

Army Spc. Rodney Davidson

Semper Fi


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