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Gung Ho!
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Gung Ho!
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Gung Ho!
And The Cost of War In Lives!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

7th General Speaks Out Against Rumsfeld

Bush Speaks Out for Rumsfeld - WaPo

The grievances aired by half a dozen retired flag officers in recent days resonated with many military veterans. "I admire those who have stepped forward, and I agree with the arguments they are making," retired Marine Lt. Gen. Paul K. Van Riper said in an interview yesterday. "I count myself in the same camp."

Van Riper, a lifelong Republican who voted for Bush in 2000 but did not vote in the 2004 election, said Rumsfeld has failed in a number of ways, including "disastrous" war planning and execution and fostering a poor command climate.

I think these generals are spesking out to try and save the troops they once commanded. Rumsfelds mislakes have cost many of our troops their lives. Like not enough body armour, unarmour humvees, low troop levels in Iraq, ect.

Marine Lt. Gen. Paul K. Van Riper was the Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command now retired.

Semper Fi


At 11:56 AM, Blogger Marty said...

I believe the number of military personnel coming out against Rumsfeld will keep growing. My son said no one he knows supports Rumsfeld. That man has been a disaster for our troops and for our country.

This is going to be a sad Easter for a lot of people. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families who have recently lost loved ones to this tragic war.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Lizzy said...


I wish to God that more would come out against Rumsfeld, but I know they will not while they are serving. It is what the military is. You respect the president and listen to commands. Once out, that is another story and I respect these retired Generals.

I am disgusted by Richard Perle in general but even more for his remarks against the generals.

"Look, Rumsfeld is trying to change an institution that is very set in its ways, and that's not easy. You've got some disgruntled former officers. It's no big deal."


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