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Gung Ho!
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Gung Ho!
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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sheehan Urge Supporters to Take Action

By DON THOMPSON, Associated Press Writer

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Activist Cindy Sheehan told supporters at a peace forum Saturday that troops would get out of Iraq if millions of U.S. citizens took the simple step that she did outside President Bush's vacation home last summer.

"Anybody could do what we did in Crawford, Texas. We just went down and sat down," Sheehan told the crowd of several hundred people, with Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn in the front row.

She urged them to lose their apathy and do something. "We have to get so freakin' fed up with what's going on that we all go and sit down," Sheehan said.

Sheehan, a Berekley resident whose 24-year-old soldier son died in Iraq, attracted hundreds of anti-war protesters to her makeshift camp near Bush's ranch in August.

"These people, they're not going to change unless they see us out in the streets," she said at the forum that organizers said was among dozens of town hall-style events held across the nation.


Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan of the U.S. claps during a protest in front the U.S embassy in Madrid, December 17, 2005. Sheehan, who won wide attention with a vigil outside President George W. Bush's ranch in the name of her soldier son killed in Iraq, is in Spain as part of her European anti-war tour. REUTERS/Sergio Perez

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