Gung Ho!

Main Entry: gung ho Pronunciation: 'g&[ng]-'hOFunction: adjective Etymology: Gung ho!, motto (interpreted as meaning "work together") adopted by certain U.S. marines, from Chinese (Beijing) gOnghé, short for ZhOngguó GOngyè Hézuò Shè Chinese Industrial Cooperative Society: extremely or overly zealous or enthusiastic

Gung Ho!
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Gung Ho!
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Gung Ho!
And The Cost of War In Lives!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Two Bombs Rock Central Baghdad (AP)

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Two bombs rocked central Baghdad early Friday, including a blast at a hotel used mainly by foreign contractors. One person was injured, police said.

The bomb exploded as a convoy of vehicles was entering the hotel compound. One driver was injured and his vehicle was destroyed, said police Maj. Abbas Mohammed.

Two Apache attack helicopters circled the area.

Another bomb targeted a U.S. military convoy, witnesses said. There were no reports of casualties in that incident

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