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Gung Ho!
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Gung Ho!
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Friday, May 20, 2005

TV ad targets Lugar on filibuster

Liberal group wants Hoosier voters to urge state's senator to save rules on endless debate.

By Mary Beth Schneider

A liberal national political group is targeting Sen. Richard G. Lugar in a new TV ad that calls for the preservation of the Senate filibuster.

The MoveOn Political Action Committee is asking Lugar, R-Ind., to buck his party's leadership and preserve the filibuster. But Andy Fisher, a spokesman for Lugar, said the senator would not oppose party leaders on the issue.

'The ads will have no bearing on his views,' Fisher said."


The ad features an animated herd of elephants on a rampage, devouring the White House and Congress before being stopped by a single person in front of the Supreme Court.

"A few courageous Republicans have said 'no' to the radicals. Will your senators have the same courage? Call them," the ad states.

Looks like Lugar has drank too muck kool-aid.


While Lugar has said he won't undercut the Senate GOP leadership, he also has publicly expressed unease at changing Senate rules to eliminate filibusters.

MoveOn PAC Advocacy Director Ben Brandzel said that was why the group included Lugar among its ad targets. The group's hope is that Lugar could work to avoid a showdown vote on the issue or to forge a compromise, particularly if he hears from constituents, Brandzel said.

That might be more realistic than winning Lugar's vote.

Semper Fi


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